Insulated Render

External wall insulation systems have been used successfully for over 25 years in the UK. Suitable for new and existing buildings, on both low-rise and high-rise constructions, external wall insulation (also referred to as solid wall insulation) is a technology developed to improve the thermal performance of buildings (helping reduce CO2 emissions) by the application of insulation and a decorative weatherproof render to the external wall surfaces. Exterbal wall insulation systems are suitable for application in areas classified as having very severe exposure – i.e. the whole of the UK and the application of an external wall insulation system has a number of positive benefits:

• Improved insulation levels lead to a reduction in heat losses and therefore to a reduced energy demand for heating in the winter months.

• Higher levels of insulation help to reduce building overheating in the summer months, thereby reducing the energy demand for cooling.

• Interstitial or internal condensation on walls can be eliminated, and the attendant problems of damp internal surfaces and mould growth are overcome.

• The building fabric can be protected against the effects of the weather by the insulated cladding.